Interview with David Toradze

2017-10-01 Featured Artist


David Toradze is one of the first lyricists on our website PREMIUM LYRICS. We had the opportunity to make an interview with him.

PL: Hi David, please tell us about yourself.
DT: I am an entrepreneur establishing myself as a composer and a songwriter. My main interests in the music industry are film scoring and song writing, though they are contrasting entities they both are ​​​held​ in the same regard by me​.​ As a composer: I create, orchestrate and collaborate on projects with other musicians. I’ve written music for string quartets, orchestra, choir and even EDM and techno tracks. As a songwriter and a poet I’ve been lucky enough to write beautiful lyrics. Even when not inspired I make it a habit to write something every​ ​day​,​ because it could be just that one sentence or word that triggers something special that people need to hear.
PL: You are a lyricist. What brought you in this genre?
DT: I love writing lyrics and poetry. I love the whole scheme of creating rhythm with words as it becomes the percussion and the melody at once. Being a lyricist is like being an​ encyclopedia of gathered inspiration formed in an idea. As another art of expression, being a lyricist gives me an advantage over just being a composer. Scriabin, a famous Russian composer of late romantic period, had a condition called synethesia where is perception of tonality corresponded to a color sequence. For example D major would be yellow. The reason why I brought Scriabin as a main example is because when I hear music, I hear words, words corresponded to a phrase, even though biased, it completes the musical journey for me.
PL: Who are the artists have you found most inspiring?
DT: Lyricists like Sting and 2PAC are inspiring to me because of how they​ envision their words and how it​'s​ portray​ed through the​ir​ music, but most of my inspiration isn’t drawn from other artists​. It’s drawn from philosophers like; Plato, Aristotle, Kant and Descartes. The proportion of beauty is symbolic for Plato and the aesthetics of music and arts for Descartes. There is so much to be inspired from.
PL: How do you see yourself in future?
DT: I don’t know as I am not there yet. What I want is to ​become a film composer where I can incorporate not only music I’ve written​,​ but also lyrics and songs​ ​I would write for ​a​ film. In the future, as we are living it everyday, I want to become content and happy ​with what I create​.​ ​Through my creation​s,​ I​'d​ ​like to bring that happiness and joy to others.
PL: What do you think about PREMIUM LYRICS?
DT: It’s an innovative platform that has ​real potential ​to ​connect musicians and song writers. I don’t recall ever seeing a website dedicated only towards a market of promoting lyricists and helping musicians find words to their songs. I believe it’s a niche market and Premium Lyrics has a great idea.
PL: Thanks for the interview.
Here you can find all lyrics from David at PREMIUM LYRICS: