Boo Devi Darling

Boo Devi Darling offers fresh perspectives and originality born from a creative mind that has stored and filtered observations from a life filled with unconventional experiences. Travel to India for many years underpins a spiritual and emotional understanding that weaves through many of her works. By bringing sensations felt in the soul to the events of this everyday world, her songs about the passionate highs, lows and twists of love and living are composed with exceptional sensitivity and poignancy that lend a unique extra dimension to her lyrics. Though deep in understanding, the words remain uncomplicated and accessible, which leads to a ready capturing of their enchantment by the listener. Boo's lyrics leave a pleasant aftertaste on the palate of the mind, after it has first enjoyed a surprising blend of unexpected and interesting poetical flavours. Each work of art is carefully and cleverly crafted to deliver a compact, exquisite burst of storytelling that aims to leave an audience musing on its many levels of meaning, both upon first hearing and later when the appealing lyrics come floating back to mind. Above all these deeper potentials, however, the words are primarily constructed for ease of addition to wonderful tunes with the aim of providing entertainment and enjoyment for a great variety of song-lovers across many genres. Let's put the music on – and play!


#20 Suchergebnisse

This is a song for those who are frustrated and full of longing in love because the other party has just got completely the wrong idea about them. It acknowledges that we all have failings, but that we can all hold on to hope in the search for our ideal companion.
It's all over - and the magic has gone. This piece succinctly captures the essence of emotions felt when love disappears: sadness, regret, frustration, bitterness - and the perpetual wondering whether everything that once seemed so perfect was perhaps only ever imagined, as if it all took place in a lost and distant Land of Dreams.
The sad sacrifice performed by True Love, unselfish and pure. So many memories of idyllic teenage years sharing simple, earthy country pleasures. And yet it seemed the childhood sweetheart had eyes only for another, just at the point where love could have blossomed into full adult passion. However, because the love was so real, it left the beloved to be free wherever fancies led. However, from the distance of the bustling city, can it be so certain that the True Love was really ever satisfied by the perceived attraction to another...?
The materially successful businessman has accomplished plenty of what a modern human hopes to do. He has gathered wealth, possessions, a grand home, the model family - and yet still, the age-old question: Why does his heart feel so painfully empty? He might think he has Got It All, but, without the satisfying balm of Love, that can sometimes feel like nothing at all.
Escapism! Every person and every creature expressing themselves in a unique way in order to reach their own innate experience of happiness. Love on the run. A whimsical, bright and quirky song - with the more tragic insinuation that not every being is free to enjoy such self-expression...