Cam Baragiola

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#43 Suchergebnisse

It's about the way you wish people could know your feelings but you can't tell them - so you decide to write a letter instead. This letter is a love letter in which the author details all the emotions they cannot say aloud.
This song is about the moment when you understand the person you loved and trusted lied to you and you want to forgive them but you realize you can't because you'll never be able to rely on them again.
A song about girl power and especially about the kind of boyfriend who's not committed in a relationship and/or acts in a toxic behaviour
This song is about feeling used and then abandoned by someone you love. You feel the need to know if what you had was real or you were just being led on
It's about spending your time daydreaming about your crush. You know it's most likely a waste of time, but you can't help it.