Hear My Call

(Colin Duffy)

A story about never giving up on the one that you love, despite breakups. Going into tailspin mode, picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and doing everything possible to repair things.

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These nights are longer, with this empty space Inside I'm sombre, I just miss that face I'm walking around, like a lost soul Feel my chins on the ground, like a new born foal Trying to keep it together, is the hardest thing My biggest endeavour, now I'm missing a wing Heading for jeopardy, I'm in a tailspin Holding on to our memories, your photo within My soul is roaring, like a lion out there I need some restoring, I know you still care Can you answer my calling, just to be fair Stop me from falling, in this world of despair Get back off the ground, and stand on those feet I'll make myself proud, won't accept defeat I won't be afraid, to admit I was wrong Inside I've prayed, for us to belong I'm calling you now, can we meet for a talk? Any place anyhow, just go for that walk I get the reply, that i so prayed for Now on a high, to the one I adore The smile so gracious, how lucky am I Feeling courageous, as time goes by Our hands interlock, just like before We've rewound the cock, time to explore My heart is pounding, like a bow on a violin Bagpipes are sounding, from my soul within Drums are beating, for every stride I now XXXX XXXX XXXXXXXX XX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXX XXX XX XXX XXX XXXX XXX XXXX XXXXX XXX X XXXXXXXX XXXXX XXXX XXX XXXXXXX XX XXXX XXXX XXXXX XXXX XXX XXXXXXX XXX XXXXXXXX XXXXX XXX XXXXX XXXX XXXXXX XXXX XXX XXXX XXX XXX XXXXXXX XXX XXXXX XX XXXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX X XXXXX XX XXXXXXX XX XXXXX X XXX XXXXX XXXXXX XXXX XXXXXXX XXX XX XX XXXXXX XXX XXXXXXX XXX XXXX XXX XX XXXX XXX X XXXXX XXX XXXXX XXXXXXX XXXX XX XXX XXXX XXXX X XXX XXX XXXXXX XXXX X XX XXXXXX XXX XXX XX X XXXXX XX XXX XXX X XXXXX

© Colin Duffy 2020

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