Colin Duffy

My songs tend to reflect a person's soul, passion, desire, love. Written in poetic verses, with the chorus aimed to be projected so powerfully through instruments, like that great crescendo moment, captivating the deepest feeling of desire.


#11 Suchergebnisse

A powerful song about a lady telling an artist to paint her desires, gradually building this king in shining armour, all that a man should be, then to bring this painting to life.
A story told of a man that finds his love, after making a wish on Ha'Penny Bridge Dublin. A lady busker that seduces him with her beautiful music from her violin. A very thankful journey unfolding.
This song relates to a woman to never settle for second best. A message told of strength, inner respect, to walk proud, ensuring the next relationship is on her command.
This song reflects a man's longing to marry a beautiful girl from Monaghan in Ireland. The places included in all of these verses are areas within that county. Written in a way so that most of her attributes are related to the beautiful places of Monaghan.
This is about a man envisioning his future wife to be. A song about a journey of hope, love, passion and all the beautiful things that bring a couple together.