Dale Kidd

Dale Kidd was born in the UK and now lives in Canada. His strong and imaginative lyrics tell stories of everyday people. The wide ranging sentiments span from the humorous to the serious. His words are direct with an unmistakable rhyme and rhythm, and are full of music and endearing imagery.


#5 Suchergebnisse

A lonely man on a train catches the eye of a lonely girl waiting on the station platform, and this encounter by chance leads to their connection of romance.
This a delightfully amusing and cleverly written ballad about the misadventure of amateurish weekend sailors and the outcome, presented from the viewpoint of the ship's cat.
A contrast of the tranquility of a cottage country weekend retreat with the high-pace of the city during the work week.
A tongue-in-cheek reaction to the times in which we live when untruths and immorality have become more commonplace.
This haunting ballad addresses the injustice perpetrated on a character in history whose legacy lives in infamy.