Stella, Stella Weekend's Coming

(Dale Kidd)

A contrast of the tranquility of a cottage country weekend retreat with the high-pace of the city during the work week.

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There’s a skiff out on the glassy lake Our day starts softly this July The glassy mirror gently breaks A lazy loon floats quietly by Brewed coffee at the cottage door Last night’s party lingers on Guitar is resting on the floor Noontime we’ll be up and gone Stella, Stella let’s pack up, Stella, Stella I’ll load the truck, Stella, Stella been a good weekend, Stella, Stella time with friends again Cars have slowed down way ahead Might be time to gas and eat Soon city-high we’ll lie in bed Morning commute then ten-hour beat But Stella, Stella the weekend’s coming, Stella, Stella you’ll relax, stop running Stella, Stella we’ll see our friends, XXXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXX XX XXXXXXX XXXXX XXXXXX XXXX XXXX XXXXX XXX XXX XXXX XX XXX XXXXXXX XXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX XX XXXXXXX XXXX XXXXXX XXX XXXXX XXXX XXX XXXX XXX XXXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXX XXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX XXX XXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXX XXX XXX XXX XXXX XXX

© Dale Kidd 2020

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