Fueling Paradise

(David Toradze)

We are motivated to achieve a degree of happiness in all of our lives. With our fuel (our energy and drive) we are metaphorically driven to find that niche of paradise in life. Though many conflicts arise and our fuel is depleted we never stop searching for happiness. We need to fuel our search for paradise.

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Verse 1 I’m searching paradise like sand at sea clearly there’s treasure to find am I so inclined losing myself in such beautiful works of time Verse 2 I’m in a sea of glass shattering in a forest i cannot find where serene meadows blind birds and chipmunks singing in the sunshine I see Chorus I'm drowning, in fears of curiosity Frowning in the face of adversaries We're dying, in the midst of sanctuary but theres a place we ought to find to be free of ourselves in the sublime so.. Verse 3 I’m fueling paradise on an empty tank of gasoline haven’t you ever seen XXXXXXX XX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXX XXXXX X XXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXX XXXX XX XXXX XXXXX XXXXXXX XX X XXXXXX XXX XXXX XXXXX XX XXX XX XXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX XXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX XX XXXXXXX XXXXX XXXX XXXX XX XXXX XXXXXX XX XXXXXX XXXXX XX XXXXXXXX

© David Toradze 2017

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