Flora Lloyd

Flora is a bold and creative lyricist who's work matches perfectly for mainstream pop, romantic and folk. Flora likes to write about a lot of different life experiences and emotions. She particularly enjoys the relevance of today and writes a lot of about her own life experiences. Flora enjoys finding new ways to depict and portray meaning through the art of words and enjoys the research she does for each project to make each and every song have it's own unique meaning. Having years of writing music and worked writing with another studio before, she is very efficient and always fun to work with.


#3 Suchergebnisse

This is about the heart break of loosing someone you love and trying hard to forget about them.
This about a person who has felt too much pain in their life that all they now feel is numb.
This song is about the struggle of being second place to a person you love while that person is chasing after someone who doesn't love them.