Hazel Peele

Hazel Peele is an artist that devotes themselves to create different styles of music. They bring music back to music again. Anything from swing dance beats, to soulful love songs, you will find professionalism and admiration with Hazel Peele. They are talented and have a zeal for what they do and each lyric is deeply crafted to fit in with most modern chord progressions. They aim to write lyrics that can interpreted in multiple ways, allowing for use in different occasions.


#24 Suchergebnisse

A religious song to warn the masses about the up coming final battle.
Fun and interactive song for kids and aspiring to accomplish their dreams.
A song built around a religious feel, raising your hands to give praise to your maker. It a good church song.
A song to inspire people to continue the little things in life, as with out them, the world would fall apart.
An old 50's style song, written with a shuffle note selection.