Jeremy Highway

Mostly unfiltered, and looking beyond the scope of the conventional type of music. More in depth, bringing music you can feel and ultimately relate too. Promising to up hold a standard, befitting of a talented artist


#5 Suchergebnisse

This rap is filled with bold statements that can be really emphasized by the artist. Its easy to sing along to, its a rap to give you a wake up call, as it asks the question, who are you and what do you stand for.
These lyrics are apart of a rap I previously wrote, it goes with a very fast type of old school beat. This rap could basically go on forever, but I only got this far on it, and didn't really see any need for more lyrics too add. Not to say it could be a perfect collab project with other artists. The feel of the track is a mix of glouting and being totally right in what you believe.
Even though it may seem unfinished. Its an introduction to something I've been working on. It has a more mellow beat too it, and is neither aggressive or over enthusiastic. Its a good tune I would say, it definitely could use some more development.
Its this a motivational rap, with a lesson teach behind it, which is very simple to grasp. Its delivered in way that gives the listener a message, which is what I believe to be true motivational words of wisdom.
The overall feel of this rap is about, a basic three part come up story. From starting out, too becoming self aware by the end. Its both uplifting to a certain extent, and confrontational as by saying you can ultimately rise above challenges you face.