John Foster

The lyrics composed from John are simply emotions perceived then translated into words on the page. It is hard to categorize the style of these lyrics but they could be adapted into many different genres. Subtle, dark, personal, and tangible are some adjectives that could breifly describe the ideas brought to light in these lyrics.


#7 Suchergebnisse

This song is a reflection of someone who has struggled, is struggling, and will struggle to overcome addiction and mistakes and the mental handicap associated with that baggage.
These lyrics reflect people whom are broken by their bad history of relationships, who are turned off to the idea of creating something new with someone because of their fear of similar results.
These lyrics delve into the ideas of both death and birth. The words wonder on the possibility of reincarnation, which comes first, and the idea of choice.
This song is representative of talent that recognizes success, is exploited by the fame and the edits, and the slow burn of realizing the inability to reclaim the same level.
This is a pretty straightforward love song written from the perspective of an individual reflecting on the experiences shared and desiring to create more.