Jordan Lewis

With an artillery of vocabulary and flow Jordan Lewis uses his versatility to write for both men and women and different styles of rapping and singing. His genre ability includes: Rap,Hip-Hop, RnB and indie/alternative for the time being, as he is currently studying other genres to add into his spectrum of capability.


#77 Suchergebnisse

Heartbreaks, overthinking, and self worth are all things we think about either while in or after a relationship
No one was there during the struggle so how do you know who to let in now that you're successful?
When a boys friend suddenly catches feeling for him he's torn between her love and her friendship. He doesn't want to lose either so he has a choice to make
A modern day Cater 2 U type of song about a womans confession and one on one time with her man and all the intimate things she does for him out of love
N/A(Not Always) is about someone who doubts their dreams and if they'll ever really happen. They go through regret until they reach their final verdict