(Joshua Lyons)

A song about the blinders of love

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Verse 1 She used romance as a threat Put me out like a cigarette Avoided me like a debt Described two years like describing a vignette All words surrendered fall onto ears I have rendered deaf Sad enough to push past all the Dead and drink from the Lethe Prechorus You must accept it There's no way to win It shows in the crows Footprints on your skin You put on a smile You've worn out before But it's the only one left Inside the drawer Chorus Calling out your name Tell me what you're worth Or give me back the lessons I've found on this Earth I'm tipping your crown Not saying goodbye I just need a moment To demystify Verse 2 She used romance as a threat So she could fashion an inlet That ran straight through to my mindset And keep my desire for her so whet Please pour me some whiskey Yes, I'll still drive though it's risky Most of my routine is a chance I'll end up in a squad card or an ambulance Prechorus I can't accept it Though I XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXX XX XXXXXX X XXX XX X XXXX X XXXX XXX XXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XX XXX XXXX XX XXXX XXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX X XXXX XXX XXXX XXX XXXXX XX XXXX XXXXXXXX XXX XXXXXXXX XXXXX XX XX XXXX XXXXX XXXXXXXXX X XXXXXXX XXX XXX XX XXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX XXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XX XXXX XXXXXX XXXXX XXX X XXXXXXX XXXXX XX XXXX XXXXX XXX XXXXXXX XXXX XXXXX XXXX XXX XXX XXXXXXX X XXXX XXXX X XXXXXX XX XXXXXXXXX

© Joshua Lyons 2017

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