(Joshua Lyons)

Ever mistake a moth for a butterfly?

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Verse 1 And just like that it's over Like waking from a dream Into the same old nightmare That makes you want to scream But your mouth is so damn dry It can't even make a sound And you know that what you have lost It is unlikely will be found PreChorus I'm looking to the heavens Shouting out Why why why But I realize that I look crazy Shouting up at the sky Chorus After a second look I realized that I mistook A moth for a butterfly She tricked my sight Would come out at night and Only let me see her in a certain light Verse 2 Seems like not so long ago I was waking up in paradise Navigating rivers of your heart Now I'm waist deep in a river of vice Spinning down, the current takes me At least I feel desired It's like I was asleep the whole time with you How XX XX XXXX XXX XXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXX XXXXXX XXXXX X XXXX XXXXX XXXX XXXX X XXXXXXX XX XXXX XX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXXXX XX XXXX XXXX XX XXX XXX XXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXX XX X XXXXXXX XX XXX XXXXXXXX XXX XXXXXXXXX X XXXX XX XXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXX XX XX XX XXX XXXXXXXX XX XXXXXXXX XXX XXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXX XXXX XX XXXXX XXXXX XXXX XXX XX XXXX XXXXX XXXXXXXXXX

© Joshua Lyons 2017

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