Ruzica Matic

Ruzica Matic is a teacher, a poet and a lyricist who writes about things that evoke nostalgia and wistfulness, but also happiness and simple joys of life. She believes all those little things that make us happy should be preserved and cherished, but also shared with others who would enjoy them, either on a page or accompanied by music.


#9 Suchergebnisse

A song about a woman who feels brokenhearted and betrayed after the end of a long-distance relationship.
This song is about a person who desperately tries and fails to disentangle themselves from the attraction they feel for the wrong person, possibly someone who hurt them.
This is a nostalgic song about young love and the ferocity of our belief that all our hopes and dreams will come true.
This is a song about an aftermath of a painful breakup, it explores the themes of longing, regret, and inevitably, letting go of the past.