Shelby Sullivan

Shelby Sullivan is a songwriter known for her sometimes bizarre concepts and out of this world catchy lines. Majority of Shelby's songs are pop, but other genres, as well as a spectrum of themes, are explored in her lyrics as well. While she primarily writes English songs, she is able to write in Japanese, Latin, and Spanish as well. Shelby aspires to be the Max Martin of her generation.


#3 Suchergebnisse

Filled with space-esque language and just oozing sex, Celestial Cherry is about a girl so attractive, she's simply out of this world. This song has a 90s space aesthetic as well.
Twisting is about playing the cards you've been dealt in life. Sometimes you're born into drugs; sometimes you're surrounded by jealous, toxic people. If that's you, then you know that sometimes you just have to struggle on. Sometimes you just have to twist around life's roadblocks and rise above the odds - in spite of all the nasty bitches saying otherwise.
A song that compares unrequited love to Cherry Coke: sweet, fizzy goodness that lacks real substance. Just like you wouldn't use a can of Cherry Coke as a substitute for a real meal, unrequited love is is the farthest from a stable relationship. And yet, you can't help what you want. This song is full of lovely physical descriptions and longing masked under a coat of sugary, poppy lyrics.