Sherry Chesters

The lyricists here Sherry Chesters has been writing for decades she started at 10 years old and is now 44 years old. Some of her lyrics through family connections and friends have made it to full songs over the years and have been hits.
Sherry writes for any genre interested in her lyrics. There are no limits as to who uses the lyrics. Just, as long as you have fun with them even though it is serious work. Enjoy the words and messages as you work with them. That is all Sherry asks.
Sherry Chesters came back to writing lyrics about 7 yrs ago. She was frustrated with events in the news and knew a change had to come one way or another. She only hopes these lyrics are a part of that change. In the hope of reaching the unreachable through changing the world through powerful thought. Hoping to change hearts and minds for the better.


#143 Suchergebnisse

The differences and similarities between me and my alter ego lady death from childhood and today
About a double identity one in the conscious and one in the subconscious learning to be aware of one another
A queen just as poor as her people and servants who serve her good will and food
Written while watching the latest trailer of star wars would be honored if star wars by Disney now would be interested
When you are going from old age and everyone around you seems to go first