Sherry Chesters

the individual writing for you as the client ready to get involved with these lyrics has been writing many years. This individual spent those years with no credit for this individuals lyrics so all in all this person feels they never got any proof of the lyrics even though this individual can recognize the works already done.This individual prefers to write lyrics over attempting bad attempts at music and vocals. This individual needs to utilize you to make the lyrics something extra special this person feels their expressions through lyrics needs to be expressed and vocalized musically professionally in a manner that this individual is used to hearing at a higher level then this individual can put together themselves with their words. This individual feels excellence in music is accomplished more in a team effort then alone. This individual loves to change the world with this individuals words and watching others use those words and accomplish the changes in this world for the better that this individual can only dream of doing on their own.


#97 Suchergebnisse

The conjuring of healing magic working on the undecided unknown
The long arm of temptation of love the resistance to be loyal
The expansion of time and what it can do in a life
As a soul reaches eternity in heaven not to scare you but i have been buried alive before i feel in order to reach my full soul i found my eternity then i woke up
The differences and similarities between me and my alter ego lady death from childhood and today