Catch your eye

(Sidney Trites)

Ever like someone you’ve known a while more than friends? This song talks about someone longing to get the attention of the one they admire, all while appreciating that they still get to be with them as friends even if they don’t like them back.

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See your over there with your contagious smile, You got my heart beating faster every mile, We walk, We take our time to talk. Thinking ‘bout the times when we would mess around, You’d always make me laugh even when the times, Seemed tough, Will I ever be enough? To hold your hand down the long road, To make you see I’m here with your eyes closed. Am I ever gonna catch your eye, In the time that will follow, Standing here with you under the starry sky, I can’t wait for tomorrow. Cuz even though that may not be, I’m glad to have you here with me. I was just the one with the loving heart, While you were just the one afraid to fall apart, I know, That’s how the story goes. But people change just like the weather, Some will break while some get better, I tend to crack but you will see, Your words alone will set me free. Am I ever gonna catch your eye, In the time that will follow, Standing XXXX XXXX XXX XXXXX XXX XXXXXX XXXX X XXXXXXX XXXX XXX XXXXXXXXX XXX XXXX XXXXXX XXXX XXX XXX XXX XXXXX XXXX XX XXXX XXX XXXX XXXX XXX XX XXX XXXX XXX XXXX XX XXXXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXX XXX XXXXXXXX XXXX XXXXXX XXX XXXX XXXXX XX X XXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXX XXXX XX XXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXX XXXX XXX XXXXX XXX XXXXXX XXXX X XXXXXXX XXXX XXX XXXXXXXXX XXX XXXX XXXXXX XXXX XXX XXX XXX XXXXX XXXX XX XXXX XXX XXXX XXXX XXX

© Sidney Trites 2019

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