Tamara Bartley

Tamara is a multi-talented creative genius who excels at whatever captivates her interest. She loves to write and her imagination has no boundaries. Tamara's lyrical content has always private. Most of her work was for personal motivation. She now feel the need to share her lyrical genius with the world. If you tell her your vision, she can capture it with lyrics.

Tamara has the ability to write for almost all music genres. Whether it be a nursery rhyme, gospel, R&B, or whether it be lyrics about sensitive issues such as suicide or abuse..she can tastefully deliver.

Nursery rhyme that introduces letters that won't sit still. The alphabet tries to get them to stay together so it can show them off. The alphabet can be portrayed as a mother/father figure with the letters being children.
Self-doubt. Lacking confidence. Wanting someone's approval. God sees the best in us, when we only see our faults.
Someone who tried to fix his problems on his own, but then realized he should have trusted God to do it.
A woman in an abusive relationship reflects on her struggles, then finds the strength to break free.
This is about a girl who tried to change who she was to suit her boyfriend, but then realized she didn't want to be anyone but her true self. She wants acceptance for who she really is.