Daisy Chains

(Tim Wightman)

I remember writing this a few years back and being in complete awe of it, something not normal for me. I think because it's an abstract painting of my childhood. I often associate daisy chains with memories I have running around in fields as a child and early teen. It's a work of lyrics about being here now and nowhere else.

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I searched a quarter of my life And could never roll the dice From burning man to a strung out star I travelled to decades ago For one day just to feel the flow I showed up too early But I won't move slow All my yesterday's Can come tomorrow Just be here today Running through daisy chains I find myself again Running through daisy chains Deep thought leads me to roam On a long drive back to my home I find myself always wandering I'm told that it's all a XXXXXXX XXX XX XXX XXXX X XXXXXXX X XXXX XX XXX XXXXX XXXXXXX XXXX XXXXX XXX XX XX XX XXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXX XXXXXX X XXXX XXXXXX XXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXX XXXXXX XXX XX XXXXXXXXXXX XXX XXXX XXXXXXXX XXXX XX XXXX XXXXX

© Tim Wightman 2018

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Last Flame

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The most I can say about this song is that it's about the dark side of a relationship. A relationship that went terribly bad and turned sour. The reason it's called "Last Flame" is the reference to essentially the last piece of light you see in a relationship that is dying before you.

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"Galapagos" is a true story of a couple I met at a house party earlier this year. Although it is loosely based on them it says what I feel is truly them. That being a couple that is hungry for more and doesn't stop for nothing. Ben and Steffi are both truly "life in the fast lane" with many indulgences coming their way.

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I truly think of this song as a work about being perfectly comfortable where you are and who you're with. It is about getting away but it's also about staying where you're at if that makes sense. There's a lot of hidden imagery within the song: "made by design, self destruction, let's elope you and I, infected by your gorgeous smile, etc." Sometimes it's best to take a mental picture of what you have and realize what it means to you. I think often a lot of people forget or misinterpret how beautiful the simple things are in life.

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Kriegspiel is basically a German style chess game with some different variations. Mainly the fact that you can see your own pieces but not your opponents and that you need a third party to referee the game. It's similar to Battleship for Americans. I got the idea after playing the game one night with a few friends while drinking a little too much. It was then my mind started racing about this relationship I was not happy with. As for the song it's basically a chess game of psychology, lust and sex between myself and a former partner. I think of it as quite a sexy song with thrills and spills.

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Drake x The Weekend type song

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If you have voices you aren't alone. This song is about what happened with me and my voice in my head.

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