Tim Wightman

Tim Wightman is a 27 year old lyricist and writer based out of the Bay Area. His love for music started at a young age and the writing soon followed suit by time he was 15. He is gentle and unassuming as yesterday's heroes are beside him in his ivory tower that he calls home. "I'm very much a people, places and time kind of person, if that makes sense," said Wightman. His lyrics are often sporadic but generally stick to the theme just mentioned. Wightman also implicates that his lyrics are very "elemental." Examples include: the moon, stars, sky, clouds, sun, ocean, waves, rain, etc. "It's always something that has been there with the nature references, I suppose because I live in such a beautiful place (Northern California) that I've never tried to steer away from it." Wightman also emphasizes that although his lyrics can be abstract they can also be intact. He writes very much about personal relationships that have passed, friendships and most importantly the relationship with himself. Born a Cancer (July 4) he admits to being a very nostalgic and sometimes wistful creature. "If I look back in a healthy manner then sometimes a great idea comes to mind. I think revisiting past events and trying to analyze what it is that just happened is one thing but to put it down into words is what makes my world spin." -December 2018.


#6 Suchergebnisse

The words to this song are essentially a progression from the pushing an pulling aspect of a relationship I was previously in. I think the key line in the song is the ending of the chorus which mentions the clock turning to midnight. This is important because it means I'm no longer fighting with this girl because she starts speaking my language. She's basically back on my wavelength. It's almost like Cinderella turned back to normal to make it more clear! "I see her looking around" is also another important line because it foretells that this girl was not in it for the long run.