Alison Cohen

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This is about when two people have bad past relationships and need reassurance that this new person is going to be good to them. It's also about two people whose hearts break often or they feel empty due to their depression.
This is a love song about not being able to see your significant other often and missing them and the loneliness gives you anxiety and makes you wonder if they want someone else.
This is about having suffering from anxiety and having it make you jealous of your significant other's ex, even if you have no reason to, and you constantly compare yourself to them even if they do not even love them anymore.
I wrote this going back into the mindset I had when I was dating an emotionally and physically abusive person. These are things I actually thought when in that relationship. I wanted the ending to have a happy ending though so made the outro a happy version of the chorus.
This Is about someone who stopped being my friend but didn't say anything and stopped all contact with me and removed me from everything and I'm still wondering what happened and why it happened.