Andrius Ziuznys

Andrius Žiužnys is the kind of lyricist who writes from his own experience. He does not try to just make words rhyme. He wants there to be meaning behind it. Then he tries to make it versatile, so that people can interpret it in the ways that fit for them. And that is his purpose for writing. To let go of things going on in his mind and make it into something beautiful.

This song is about a friend who keeps getting rejected by a guy who means the world to her. She wants him to let her in, but everything just keeps being out of reach. They can't seem to get along well, but she still tries to make something happen. This is about moving on.
This lyrics is about being hurt by someone you care about. It's the aftermath of being broken and when nothing seems alright. Insomnia, depressing thoughts, loneliness, false hopes etc. Doubting that there would ever be someone else to replace what you've once lost
This song is about going out to the world and chasing your dreams. About trying to reach your full potential and not letting your past interfere with your future. About overcoming the fear of the unknown. Overall, this lyrics is about leaving your hometown with no regrets and doing your best to achieve something greater.