Mamacita feeling

(Diana Olosho)

These are my first lyrics with a male counterpart. At the beginning, it was just one part but I thought it will be nice to add someone else and see how it will come along. I wrote these lyrics because I love dancing and I want one day to learn dance styles with a partner such as tango and salsa. So, I thought why not write down, for now, how it would feel to learn for the first time and this is what I came up with.

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Verse 1: Looking me like that Like some precious jewel Making me so timid to the touch While dancing to the spanish song That I so love Pre-Chorus: After sunrise, We will still be moving our feet Panting like crazy I’ll still be saying Chorus: I beg of you not to let go of my hand Because I’m feeling like a mamacita And I don’t want this desire to end! Tonight I’ll be nothing but your mamacita! Mamacita feeling. Verse 2: Swinging left to the right, With our merged bodies, To the sexy beats. This is beyond any love That I’ve dreamt every night (Pre-Chorus) (Chorus) Bridge: Our space and time disappear With the bright chandelier In my eyes everything becomes a blur Until it’s only us My brain is focuing on Male counterpart: And I only see XXX XXXX XXXXXX XX XXXX XXXX XXXX X XXX XXX XXXXXXX XX XXX XX XX XXX XXX XXXXX XXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX XX XXXX XXX XXXXX XXXX XXXXXXX XXXXX XXXX XXXX XXXXX XXXXXXXX XX XXXX X XXXXX XXXXX XXXXXX XXX XXXXX XX XXX X XXXX XXXX XXXX XX X XXXX XXX XXXX XX XXXX XXX XXXX XXXX XXXXXX XXXX XX XXXXX X XXXXXXX XXXX XXXX XX XXX XXXXXXXX

© Diana Olosho 2017

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