Real Life

(Laura Åkerblom)

Most people in a long-term relationship will relate to these lyrics. Gently hinting at the everyday frustration, the affection and the routineness of a couple who are still in love.

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Intro The hours I spend, picking up after you. The thousands of socks, t-shirts, boxers and crap. All the popcorn and crisps that somehow miss your mouth. Your mess drives me crazy, and angry and tired. But when you’re walking towards me, my heart starts to smile. Verse 1 How can you not, after all these years. Know where everything goes, it’s perfectly clear. That cups go with cups and that plates go with plates. And the bench in the hall aint the best storage place. Chorus 1 We both have bad habits, defects and faults. But I’m letting go of negative thoughts. And trying to focus on why I chose you. Remember the best bits and muddle on through. Verse 2 You always remember the stuff I forget. Like birthdays and phone bills and when we’re doing what. Yeah, you’re great at all of the stuff that I’m not. And I have to admit that you’re still pretty hot. Chorus 2 We all have bad habits, defects and faults. But along with the angry are some beautiful thoughts. Like all of XXXXX XXXXXXX XXX XX XXXXX XXXX XXXXXXXX XXX XXXX XXXXX XXXXXX XX XXXXXXXX XXXXX X XXXXXXXX XXXX XXXXX XXXX XXX XXXXXXXX XX XXXXXX XX XXX XXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXX XXX XXXXX XXX XXXXX XXXX XX XXX XXX XXXXX XXXXXX XX XXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXX XXXXXXXX XX XXXXXXXX XXXXX X XXX XXXX XXXX X XXXXXX XXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXX XXXXX XX XXXX XXX XXXXXX XXXX XX XXXXX XX XXXX XXX XX XXXX XX XXXX XXXXXXX XXX XXXXXXXX XXX XXXX XXX XXXXX XXXX XXXX XXXXX XXXXXX XX XXXX XXXX XXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXX XXXXXXX XXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXX XX XX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXX XXX XXXXX XX XXX X XXXXX XXXX XXXXXXX XXXXX XX XXXX XX XX XXXXXX XX XXXXXXXX