Red roses


Red roses here are symbolic of superficiality. Blue, green, yellow whatever colour is painted red because that's what everybody likes. The verses talk about impact on an individuals life mentally and physically due to the social conditions. The chorus gets more darker and is a picture of what goes on inside of us. And the bridge is hopeful of a new start.

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Don't turn right They don't like it Don't turn left It's dangerous baby Don't stand up to speak up for yourself You know it's tough You know it's rough Like we go on day by day Like we pretend yesterday was not a bad day OK, move on You can move on But dig deep and find demons ready to play I make home for these tiny little critters Plum trees, rose plants in a garden of grey figures [Paint red, she said Paint those roses red But these figures are dead And now these roses are red ×2] Hide your face It looks unacceptable Hide those marks They're indestructible Hide yourself in that pretty dress You know it's tough You just have to bluff Like we go on day by day Like we pretend yesterday was not a bad day OK, XXXX XX XXX XXX XXXX XX XXX XXX XXXX XXX XXXX XXXXXX XXXXX XX XXXX X XXXX XXXX XXX XXXXX XXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXX XXXXXX XXXX XXXXXX XX X XXXXXX XX XXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXX XXXX XXX XXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXX XXX XXXXX XXXXXXX XXX XXXX XXX XXX XXXXX XXXXX XXX XXX XXXX X XXXX XXXXXX XX XXXX XXXX XXXXX X XXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXX X XXXXXXXX XXXX XXXX XX XXXX XXXX XXX X XXXXX XXXX XXXXXXX XX XXXXX XXXX XX XX XXXX XX XXX XXX XX XX XXXXX XXXX XX XXXXXXX XXXXX XXX XXXXX XXXXXXX