Praveen Vava

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#33 Suchergebnisse

This song tries to capture the joy and peace a woman feels when she knows she is loved, truly and purely, and how the ravages of advancing years can't dent her self-esteem as true love keeps her beautiful forever.
This song tries to capture the emotions of a girl whose fairy-tale dream of finding someone special has come true, and the eternally blithe and blissful emotion of young love.
A song about a girl’s feeling on the day her heart was broken capturing the feeling of intense sadness and despair and how the feeling of anguish finally turns to grit to move on.
This song tries to capture the turmoil in the mind questioning the reason for existence. The fear and futility of the quest and the impending failure of such a pursuit; in short, the curse of reasoning mind.
This is the fifth and last chapter trying to capture the various phases in the love life of a woman. This chapter is set during the golden years; how the love gave them strength and wanting the relation to continue even after death.