Angelina Norton

Angelina is a creative and original lyricist, who has been writing song lyrics since her childhood. She has used her creative talent with the EFL (English as a foreign language) classroom, both overseas and within her native country, the United Kingdom. Angelina has always had a love of music and listens to a wide range from classical to the modern chart toppers, she sometimes bases her lyrics on certain artists, groups or musical genres. The topics for Angelina's lyrics vary from love to current events, but she always enjoys experimenting with English, old and new vocabulary, to ensure that her lyrics stay interesting and current.


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A woman who has had enough of her current boyfriend's philandering, so, she is basically telling him to leave! Pop/R n B perhaps.
Heathrow airport central bus station, Christmas 2008. It was the year of the fog surrounding London and a lot of incoming and outbound flights were delayed or cancelled, plus late. My flight from Sicily was late, therefore I missed my bus home and was lucky enough to catch the next one, so, I grabbed a coffee at central bus station, waiting for the bus. A guy in the queue in front of me, started to talk to me and and we put the world to rights' for a few hours, as he was travelling to Scotland and I was headed too Somerset. I think if I hadn't been so reserved, I think this man would asked me for a drink, although he had originally come from Australia, as it was though, we said our goodbyes and that was that! Anyway, I wrote this song a few days after, thinking about if he had asked me out and the anticipation of a first date, but knowing it was a lot more than that and where would it lead?? Think sixties do-wop 'Do run run' type mixed up with "Christmas wrapping' by the Waitresses.