Caleb Ricks

Caleb Ricks, a very fascinating and original lyricist. the songs he writes have meaning ( and have great emotions that can be exploited by the singer). the emotions in the songs are easily found and the tone is very well defined.

This is alluding to napoleon's 100 last days in power before waterloo, it it more of an electric rock medium/ light. It should be somewhat fun to perform (especially with the onomatopoeia). To be played with instruments also.
A happy love song. Performed with a little swing in the rhythm, when you get to the chorus. The tone is also happy. Though it repeats a lot, it still should perform well.
A heart broken break-up song of misunderstanding and of course, once in a lifetime love. A light rock sort of song, but the chorus is more emotional. Would be great acoustic or light electric.
This song is a love song, to be sung with great emotion. This song will sound good acoustic, but a light electric sound would also be nice too. It is a slow(er) song than the upbeat type, but don't go too slow.
This is a light slow(er) played song, to be played with a sufficient amount of emotion. This song is a love song and at the end it can be played like a duet (last verse) or as a person telling a story.