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On today, of all days -- I know a lot of people ask that. I heard someone say it somewhere the other night, and it just pestered me until I sat back in my recliner and wrote a song about it. The verses bleed directly into the chorus, which is what I think makes it pretty strong and catchy. The tempo changes a bit throughout as far as cadence goes. Though I try to construct in such a way that the intent of the song comes through text. I hope it does come through. I really like this one. Been singing it all morning.
A Gospel rap describing who God is and how great He is. And also how special we are to Him.
The lyrics in this song deeply tells us God's always shielding and protecting us and there's no reason to feel down or unsafe.
Cryptically: Coming out of your hiding place with hope and full of life. Emerging from negative thoughts of yourself and your own prison.
A whimsical reminiscent song lyrics ballet about missing drinking buddies, thier characters, and the dynamics that typically went on before the lockdown flu pandemic of 2020.