Tyler Rathbun

The name is Tyler Rathbun
Turned to the Labrat
Ambition and creativity
I have that
A psychological medic
With or without credit
I stay true
Authentic and unapologetic
Street relatable
And prophetic
Atleast god said it
And I believe it meant it


#69 search results

When life gets like shit, you gotta find a way to replace the blues... against all odds.
A shoutout to Bentley records when a scammer posed as them. Always check everything you can. Be aware of schemes and deals.
At times, we’re all lost in our minds. Pray that the lord rebukes all evil; and grants you inner peace.
Whispers all around you; they wanna see you fall. Problem solved, when you send light. Keep your mirror bright.
Ayy yoo this is a song on the education of self ; a note from me, so you can excel.