Awuah-Mainoo Gabriel

Gabriel Awuah Mainoo, special prize winner of Soka Matsubara international Haiku contest and semifinalist of Ito Eno haiku Grand prix North America 2019 is the author of ‘Travellers gather dust and lust’, ‘chicken wings at the altar’ and ’60 aces of haiku’. He serves as project manager for Ghana Writes literary group and creative editor for WGM magazine. He has featured in/on The Cicada’s cry; a haiku micro-zine based in USA, Attempt at exhausting a place in Leicestershire, London, Writers Space Africa, Missouri Baptist University’s Fireflies’ Light, Haiku universe journal, Kalahari review, Ghana Writes journal, The Haiku Foundation, Better than Starbucks, Malawi’s Nthanda review and elsewhere. He’s been included in Best New African Poets 2018 anthology, Bodies & Scars anthology; attempt at exhausting a place in Leicester volume, poetry leaves bound volume, the Cicada’s cry special edition; moon, Quesadilla and other adventures among others.
Critics affirm that his remarkable use of words marks as a "lyricist extraordinaire". He prepares words for the soul ranging from, reggae, jazz, soul music, blues, hip hop, country, oldies, spoken word and anything that relieves the spirit. Bring it on folks; if you got the beat, he's got the lyrics. Mainoo is a tennis player in the morning, a student in the afternoon and writer in the evening.


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If it is for you, it is for me, it is for us and the world; you can call it a reclamation, you can call it redemption song. A true story of rap-star friend who’s lost his voice, dream and family in the goriness of war. However you call it, it is a composition for PEACE!
We don’t always need the mirror, we reflect better in people who are close to us. As a dreamer lost in myself, I wake up one day and pose questions to my father to help me find myself.
Have you ever been away from home, feeling you left the worse situation for the best? This piece is centered around a black brother who leaves the shores of Africa to go till snow. At the melting of snow he’s drowned and finally brought back to start from the scratch elsewhere. This composition is the hope for those who do not believe in the possibility of making it in their homeland and as well a remedy for the repatriated.
This composition is to establish the fact that there’s nothing like a perfect being. Love is based on complete acceptance and contentment. Two perfect (same likes) things repel, even if there is perfection it is somewhat to an extent. After all it is two different things that always attract.
There's no perfect remedy than the one nature gives. I've been broken and betrayed countless times, aftermath this very song which came out spontaneously amidst a flowery ambiance where i use to sit turns out to be my deliverance and comforter. My thanks to nature.