Boo Devi Darling

Boo Devi Darling offers fresh perspectives and originality born from a creative mind that has stored and filtered observations from a life filled with unconventional experiences. Travel to India for many years underpins a spiritual and emotional understanding that weaves through many of her works. By bringing sensations felt in the soul to the events of this everyday world, her songs about the passionate highs, lows and twists of love and living are composed with exceptional sensitivity and poignancy that lend a unique extra dimension to her lyrics. Though deep in understanding, the words remain uncomplicated and accessible, which leads to a ready capturing of their enchantment by the listener. Boo's lyrics leave a pleasant aftertaste on the palate of the mind, after it has first enjoyed a surprising blend of unexpected and interesting poetical flavours. Each work of art is carefully and cleverly crafted to deliver a compact, exquisite burst of storytelling that aims to leave an audience musing on its many levels of meaning, both upon first hearing and later when the appealing lyrics come floating back to mind. Above all these deeper potentials, however, the words are primarily constructed for ease of addition to wonderful tunes with the aim of providing entertainment and enjoyment for a great variety of song-lovers across many genres. Let's put the music on – and play!


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Timeless words sung by the brave young man who has grown up and outgrown the home of his youth. He turns to the army to lead him away to new territory, in terms of both landscape and life's lessons.
This is a pretty little song about that splendid feeling that leaps into life every time the sunshine pours out of the sky to brighten the day. It's about Humanity and it's about the Earth; how beautiful it is when we all get along well with each other.
Life-long love: From early teenage courtship, through all life's battles, through sickness at the end - you had me covered, but now must cover me with that final shroud. Our love, though, will cover us both forever.
Woohoo! Crack open the champagne and celebrate! It's been a good day, luck is on your side and happily there is somebody alongside you to party with. So snuggle up and Bubble Up!
A mystical piece about Love: Earthly Love and Divine Love sharing all the same sentiments. This is a beautiful song about one glorious object of devoted desire, whether Human or Holy, but undoubtedly hypnotic in either scenario.