Boo Devi Darling

Boo Devi Darling offers fresh perspectives and originality born from a creative mind that has stored and filtered observations from a life filled with unconventional experiences. Travel to India for many years underpins a spiritual and emotional understanding that weaves through many of her works. By bringing sensations felt in the soul to the events of this everyday world, her songs about the passionate highs, lows and twists of love and living are composed with exceptional sensitivity and poignancy that lend a unique extra dimension to her lyrics. Though deep in understanding, the words remain uncomplicated and accessible, which leads to a ready capturing of their enchantment by the listener. Boo's lyrics leave a pleasant aftertaste on the palate of the mind, after it has first enjoyed a surprising blend of unexpected and interesting poetical flavours. Each work of art is carefully and cleverly crafted to deliver a compact, exquisite burst of storytelling that aims to leave an audience musing on its many levels of meaning, both upon first hearing and later when the appealing lyrics come floating back to mind. Above all these deeper potentials, however, the words are primarily constructed for ease of addition to wonderful tunes with the aim of providing entertainment and enjoyment for a great variety of song-lovers across many genres. Let's put the music on – and play!


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Do you love me or don't you love me? In response to mixed signals, searching for the truth that lies within, rather than mere surface appearances, this song alludes to the way some people's moods can be as changeable as the weather and perhaps even harder to fathom.
Wow! It's a beautiful hot day and I just want to get on my bike and ride. Escapism and enjoyment, leisure and pleasure, are all bundled together in this summertime, upbeat revel in feeling free.
Is it your best pal, or your own inner self, admonishing you for walking out on your lady? What a fool! Why would you walk away from the best thing you ever had? Times had become tricky, fair to say, but that's just when she needed you most and your response - well, it's just Not Good Enough.
Chat-up lines; an invitation - come and play! One person sees another in a slump, but also sees that together they could be having the best of fun. So why not Hold Hands and give it a go?
When a relationship between two people begins to draw to a close, the flow of loving energy dries up and communications stagnate. In this scenario, the partner can scarcely even generate a Blink in response to the former beloved. Unhappy feelings of bitterness and resentment are sure to follow, along with a cry for release.