Diego Dianderas

Diego Dianderas is a poet and a psychologisy from Peru. He won the CONALL poetry award in 2018 and has published in poems in local anthologies. In 2019 his poem "Nacer en el desierto (Born in the desert)" was published alongside more of his writings. He's been writing lyrics for a hobby since a very young age, and has written lyrics for a few local underground musicians. He mixes rhythm and poetic images in his lyrics, while combining narrative and abstract elements as well. Themes around his lyrics include politics, philosophy, love, hedonism, social criticism, among many others.


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Una canción que invita a bailar, a la fiesta y a celebrar sin importar quien seas o cómo te muevas. Lo más importante es solo disfrutar y moverse.
Two people meet and fall in love while not trying to compromise, but still want to be together.
An epic and hopeful celebration of love with an homage to classic imagery and iconic couples of myths and contemporary films.
A song about pain and how we usually deal with it alone, when ironically we all deal with some pain at some time.
Parents singing to their unborn daughter, wanting her to be free and brave.