(Alison Cohen)

This is about being with someone but wanting more.

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I know that you love me But I can't ignore what's in my face And I know you'd never hurt me But sometimes I'm just not okay Different minds Different fights Inside each of our own heads Different desires Different fires That come from us in bed And I try to stay quiet About it CHORUS: And I try to tell myself I'm not in love But I cant hide from The truth No, I cant hide from You You want me like I want you But I know its not the same I want you like you want me But I know it's in different ways Different levels Different devils Keeping us from getting devoted Different wants Different hearts Wanting different things noted And it's hard to stay quiet XXXXX XX XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXX XXX XXX XXXX XXXXXX XX XXXXXX XXXX XXXX XXXXX X XXXXX XXXX XXX XX XXXX XX XXXX XXX XXXXX XXX XXXXXXXX XXX XXXX X XXXX XX XXXX XXXX XXX XXX XXXXX XXXX XX XXXX XXX XXX XXXX XXX XXX XXX XXXX XX XXXX XXX XXX XXXXX XXXX XXX XX XX XXXXX XXX XX XX XXXXX XXX XXX X XX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXX XXXXX XX XXXXXX XX XXXX XXXXXX XXX XXX XX XXXX XXXX XX XX XXXX XXXX XX XXXX