Mark Meyer

Mark Meyer is a professional lyricist with experience in lyric writing.He has the ability to write a song for every season and time. With a proven track record, he has worked closely with some great upcoming talent.His work is highly respected.

Here is the link to my lyrics:-

An outcry for help. A tired soul has had the better of all of us at one stage in our lives. Trails can be difficult to endure but all we need to do is cry out to Jesus.
Celebrating the Saviour who saved the world. His perfection and truth is declared with all the wonders and blessings He bestowed.
The Heavens are beautiful because Jesus is there. A song about the glory and power and Majesty of God heaven.
No love describes just a few affects that war can have on our world.If we don't love each other war will erect.
It's a reflection on how devistating the effect of a broken relationship can be.The memories and the heartcahe it brings.