Listen To The Color Of Your Dreams

(Michael Facciani)

This lyrical composition is about dreams, especially lucid dreams that seem virtually real. Some dreams try to tell you important things about yourself and the world. It is wise to pay attention to dreams because they can convey relevant messages.

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At night when you go to sleep Into your head dreams will creep Dreams can be very revealing Sometimes they can be healing Let them take you thru the ceiling The Beatles said listen to the color of your dreams Life is not always as it seems Look into another reality Never know what you will see Dreams attempt to tell you what to do Heed what they say about you Way down deep inside The truth can never hide Dreams can predict things outta the XXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXXX XXXX XXXXXXXX XXX XXX XXXXXX XXXX X XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXX XX XXX XXXXXX XXXX XXX XX XXX XXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXX XXXXX XXXX X XXXXX XXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXX XXXXXXX XX XXXX XXX XXXXXXX

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