Peace In Our Time

(Michael Facciani)

This lyric describes a mythical future time when there is no more wars on planet Earth and everyone finally lives in brotherhood and peace.

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Isn’t everyone sick of war All the killing, blood, and gore Wouldn’t it be nice if there is no more When all is said and done World War three has already begun It started on 11 September 2001 Wouldn’t it be nice to have peace in our time Most people believe that would be fine No more dead bodies buried in the grime All the church bells will chime No longer would soldiers have to fight No more children crying in the night Every country would finally decide That people are all on the same side Peace has at last turned the XXXX XXXXXXXX XXX XXX XXXX XXX XXXXX XXXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXX XX XXXXXXX XXX XXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXX XXXXX XXXXXXXXXX XX XX XXXX XX XXXX XXXXX XX XXX XXXX XXXXX XXX XXXXXXX XX XXXXXXXX XXXXXX XX XXXX XXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XX XXX XXXXX XXX XXX XXXXXX XXXXX XXXX XXXXX

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