Michael Facciani

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This lyric details the story of legendary late rock star Jim Morrison and his group The Doors. Their meteoric rise to fame, success, and stardom, and the self-destructive tendencies of their singer and his sudden demise in Paris just a few years later. Like a fireball burning out.
This details a rocky relationship between a successful rock star and his girlfriend. Now they begin to realize their relationship is crumbling because they are too different. The guy is actually glad it’s over. He feels liberated and free and ready to move on.
This is about a woman who is thought by some to be cold, distant, arrogant, stuck-up, and materialistic, but one guy who takes the time to really get to know her finds out she’s the exact opposite of that. It’s just a facade. He thinks she’s a rare gem and wants to win her heart.
The tale of a kid who was bad in school and a big problem for his parents and teachers. Later on in his life he continued causing trouble, breaking the law, and eventually committed murder and wound up in prison on death row. A cautionary tale for troublemakers and lawbreakers.
This is about the JFK assassination, conspiracy, and cover-up. The fact that the Warren Commission was a whitewash and sweeping the truth under the rug forever. This happened 55 years ago, and many people believe they were fed a pack of lies then, and even now.