Hush, Little One

(Nadine Strydom)

The typical setting, of dealing with a child's fear, yet facing the child with harsh reality. Giving through some hope, and yet not too hopeful.

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Quiet as the wind slow falls, To the inside darkness crawls. Casting shadows long and deep, Sending children all to sleep. Hush, little one, please don't cry. For in the end we're all to die. Send yourself to blissful dream, So you won't hear them scream. But beware for in the twilight, ever true, A darkness will be watching you. And if you move one way too fast, Said movement might be your last. Hush now child, don't yell so loud. You should stand tall XXX XX XXXXXX XXX XXX XXXX XXX XXX XXXXXXX XXXX XXX XXXX XXX XXX XXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXX XX XXX XXXXX XX XXXXX X XXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XX XXXXXXX XXX XX XXX XXXXXXX XX XXX XXXXXX XXX XXXX XX XXX XXXXX XXXXXXX

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