Nadine Strydom

Nadine is a young unpublished poet, trying her wings out in the world of lyrics. Many of the people familiar with Nadine's poetry have suggested that she should try to submit her poetry as lyrics, and she has finally decided to do so.

The typical setting, of dealing with a child's fear, yet facing the child with harsh reality. Giving through some hope, and yet not too hopeful.
A person learning to live without an unsteady lover, always the traveler to come and go. The heartache that comes with a lover that doesn't know what they want or how to give love.
When depression has taken hold of a victim, and she feels all alone and lost, you can not bring her back, you can not afford the cost.
Sometimes all you need to make you feel alive, is that silent nudge from your inner demons. And the knowing they never leave you alone.
The lonely ache and heartbreak felt by women when a loved one lets her word spin of axis.