Heat it up

(Ouafae Lakhlili)

This song is about finding your true love. It describes your affection towards your love of a lifetime

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Heat it up Bae turn your head towards me So You can see my iternal love Baby set me in the mood. Lets Heat things up together yeah! Trough rain and stormt weather ok? Bring IT on our bodys tingle Ready to mingle with You Frozen heart You made IT melt Our love dont cost a thing Yet You mean everything to me I see clearly niet We intertwine Heat it up Bae turn your head towards me So You van see my iternal love Set me in the mood Lets Heat things up together yeah! Through rain and stormy weather ok? Our love is fine so precious to me. You dont mess up my brain You dont make me insane Keep doing what You do And one Day i Will marry You You buy me Sweet things with the little money You have. Baby you're my better half XXXXX XX XX XXX XXXXX XXXXXX XXXXX XX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXX XXXX XX XXXXX XXX XXXX XXXX XXXX X XXXXXX XXX XXX XXXX XXXXXXXXXX XX XX XXXX XXXX XX XXXX XXX XXXXXXXX XX XXXX XXX XXXX XXXXX XX XXXX XXXX XX XXXXXX XXX XXXXXXXX XX XXXXXXX XX XXXX XXXXX XXXX XXXX XX XXXX XXXXX XXXX XXXX XXXXX XX XXXX XXXX XX XX XX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXXX XXX XXXXX XXXX XX XX

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