Perry Bach

Perry Bach is a gifted lyricist songwriter covering several genres. Compositions include 60's music to current, romantic to rap. Most are uplifting and hopeful with positive message and redemptive values. These soon to be gems are waiting for your creative melody.


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The author wishing to escape a doomed relationship but bound by doubt and primal desire. Upbeat tempo.
An snap shot of my long life encompassed by running. The weariness, memories, and joys along the way
A fun summer song that could be performed uptempo, rap, or ideally bluesy . A somewhat bold male trying to attract his suddenly fantasy woman.
A rap beat with song on the chorus. Simple but deep words on constant bombardment from all forms of media and never ending elections. A yearn for peace and rest.
This is a throwback Waylon style tune about womanizing good ole boys. Lines 1&2 are present situation, line 3 the Caddy, and line 4 an empty life lived. It is a humorous yet serious topic that I could relate to on a personal level.