A Love That Matters

(Rosemary Griffin)

These lyrics focus on the big issues in life; timeless love, meaningful peace and how we as individuals can make a difference through the love we have and the peace we can convey when the opportunity arises.

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There's a love that matters, it's hidden but it's true It's written in tne hearts of me and you There's a love that's precious, it's timeless and it's pure A treasure trove of riches, through the years it will endure There's a peace that's never ending, we hold it in our hands It can cross the bluest ocean, and transform the bleakest land There's X XXXX XXX XXX XXX XXXXXXX XXX X XXXX XXX XXXXXXX XXXX XXX XXXXXXXXXX XX XXXXXX XXX XXXXXXXXXXX XX XXX XX XXX XXXXXX XXXXX X XXXXXXXXXXX XXX X XX XXXXXXX XXXXXX XXXX XXXX XXX XXXXXXX X XXXXXX XXXXX XXXXXXX XX XX XXX XXXX