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This lyric is about the end of the world when God finally reveals himself to the human race in all his power, glory, and majesty. It is truly an awesome and scary sight in the heavens all over the globe. People realize their time is up and they must now account for their actions or inactions.
This song tries to capture the feelings of a man pushed by fate and his past, irreconcilable to his conscience, to the very brink of ending the pain.
This lyric tells the story of a villainous, evil character that people love to hate, because he is truly no good and has no qualities that redeem him in the end. Everyone probably knows one or two people like this, someone who is rotten to the core and richly deserves to rot in hell.
This details the story of a rich, successful, miserly man who seemingly has everything in life that money can buy, but his life is still empty, hollow, and unfulfilling because treats people badly. No one likes him, and he will eventually die and be forgotten by everyone.
This is the story of a guy who is disliked by his girlfriends mother, but his girlfriend doesn’t care. The girlfriend is sticking with him no matter what because she truly loves him. The mother does just about everything possible to get rid of him, but real love prevails in the end and they stay together.