Interview with Karen Kay

2017-11-14 Featured Artist


PL: Hi Karen, please tell us about yourself.

KK: Well, I'm a Canadian. Grew up in a very musical family. I've had of living in lots of different parts of Canada, and a few parts of the US. I studied music in college, and graduated with my BA in 2011. I love travelling, food, the ocean, and naps.

PL: You are a lyricist. What brought you in this genre?

KK: Music has always been a part of my life. I remember, when I was younger, wanting to write songs. And as I got older, I started doing it more, just as a hobby, a way of expressing myself. After I got into musical theatre acting, I started having ideas to write in that style. I got to write the lyrics for an original production of A Jungle Book. It was a great experience. Through that, I realized I do have a knack for lyric writing and began writing other styles of lyrics. Now, here we are.

PL: Who are the artists have you found most inspiring?

KK: I grew up with a lot of Christian music. So artists like Steven Curtis Chapman, where he told stories threw his songs, really get to me. Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and Stephen Schwartz, of the musical theatre world of writing, are also great inspirations to me.

PL: How do you see yourself in future?

KK: I would love to be writing and selling my lyrics to mainstream artists. I am also working on writing my own musicals, and as life goes on would love to have several of those under my belt.

PL: What do you think about PREMIUM LYRICS?

KK: I think the service is great. It simplifies the process of selling your lyrics, and removes the need for making your own demos. It allows us lyricists to do what we do best, write. It gives us a place to showcase our lyrics, and is accessible to a global platform for artists and producers.

PL: Thanks for the interview, Karen.

Here you can find all lyrics from Karen at PREMIUM LYRICS: