COVID-19 - Surviving Lockdown as a Musician

2020-04-09 Essay


It’s a strange time to be a musician. I mean, given the current world situation, it’s a strange time to be anyone full stop. But, us melodically inclined people – especially those working in a professional capacity – have certainly felt the blow of the uncertainty caused by Covid-19.

All of a sudden, rehearsal room sessions, live performances and studio time are off the cards. If you’re an aspiring songwriter, freelance gun-for-hire or would-be rock star, that’s a massive upheaval.

So what can you do about it?

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5 Songwriting Tips from Brian Hendrix

2020-03-26 Essay


The first song I ever wrote in my life won 1st place in a country songwriting contest in Nashville, Tennessee. So, that’s it, right? Rich and famous, Hollywood Hills, living the dream life. That’s what happens… in movies. In real life, nothing much came from it. An “Attaboy!” with a very small check, and recording studios telling me “This just doesn’t seem right for us.”

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How to Get Your Music Heard in the Right Places

2020-03-06 Essay


What’s the secret to getting your music out there?

Plenty of people will tell you it all comes down to hustling. You’ve got to be plugging at all hours of the day, making sure that as many people as possible know about what you’re doing in the hope that you get passed on to someone relevant.

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Mixing Epic Songs

2020-01-22 Mixing / DAW


Why Less is Sometimes More

Digital Audio Workstations are amazing tools.

Long gone are the days where a composer is limited to a certain number of tracks. And, thanks to the availability and quality of plugins, the possibilities for creativity are near endless.

Feel like that middle-eight needs a bed of synths? You got it. Want to add a symphony orchestra to that final chorus? No problem.

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Thank you for 2019

2019-12-28 About us


Thanks for a great year 2019, here are some statistics about PREMIUM LYRICS that you shouldn't miss.

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